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Super Spooky Abundant Living Halloween Mix

Super Spooky Abundant Living Halloween Mix

It’s the spookiest slash ookiest time of the year. The holiday which comes only behind St.Patrick's Day and NYE in being bartender’s least favorite time of the year. The day when all the Daughters of the Witches They Couldn’t Burn dress like their favorite characters from Frozen and/or Euphoria, and the Sons of The Dudes Who Sold the Torches to Salem dress like the stars of How to Make It in America but with a hilarious wig or some small prop/sloganed t-shirt heavy with high concept. The pagan holdover which celebrates the compromises the Holy Roman Empire was required to make in order to rule over the druids, dryads, and other assorted tree-tricky barbarians on their borders. All Hallow’s Eve! Halloween! AKA (this year) The Monday that Dresses Up as a Friday!

Like Linus Van Pelt using his blanket as a cloth totemic bridge as a way to mitigate, through a cloying celebration of infantile need, his pedantically adultlike penchant for moralizing, so too do we use Halloween; as culture’s way of loudly proclaiming “How can anyone claim that our project is nothing short of the subjugation, diminishment, and smiley-faced annihilation of the human soul? Do we not, on this sacred day, allow for the redistribution of our vast stockpiles of candy corn, while dressed like sexy Minions?”

And as Charlie Brown’s little buddy used that blanket to effortlessly travel from his worship of Jesus Christ to Great Pumpkin, and back again, unbothered by the dual loyalties that his endless wishcasting implied, so too can we have our candy and eat it as well!

Meaning, I can make a Halloween mix, without a single Halloween song on it, if I feel like. And, undead baby, I felt like it.

Rules for inclusion were thusly:

  1. I had to like the song.
  2. Had to not have any band members that I personally hate.
  3. Had to be, like, at least a little more than a little moody OR specifically mention ghosts, vampires, goblins, the concept of death and/or hell,  giant flesh eating plants, etc.

Somehow the above requirements worked out pretty well, and I made the best Halloween mix ever, probably. AND HERE IT IS.

If every day is Halloween then no day is Halloween Mix

tracklist (uh, in case you haven't figured it out...the mix itself is on BNDCMPR.)

  1. Jonny Couch-Found Out You're A Zombie
  2. Mekons-Sorcerer
  3. Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals-Theme from King Cobra
  4. Azar Swan-Jungle Law
  5. ADULT.-122 Hours of Fear
  6. FACS-Strawberry Cough
  7. VAURA-Rosebud
  8. Deskonocidos-Suicida
  9. Thin White Rope-Burn the Flames
  10. Bambara-Feelin’ Like a Funeral
  11. A Giant Dog-Suddenly Seymour
  12. Divine Horsemen-Mystery Writers
  13. ROT TV-Transylvanian Nights
  14. The Drin-Down Her Cheek a Pearly Tear
  15. E L U C I D-Ghoulie
  16. Psychic Graveyard-I'm Not Going To Your Seance
  17. Ghösh-Get Ready To Die
  18. Kat Haus-I Wanna Bite Ya
  19. Death Valley Girls-Disaster (Is What We're After)
  20. Bootblacks-Nostalgia Void
  21. Lydia Lunch & Rowland S Howard-Burning Skulls
  22. Kal Marks-My Name is Hell
  23. Generacion Suicida-Balas
  24. Rigorous Institution-Nuclear Horses
  25. Wailin Storms-Sunday Morning Cemetery
  26. Vinterdracul-London After Midnight
  27. Naujawanan Baidar-Khedmat Be Khalq
  28. Sleeping Witch & Saturn-Ghost
  29. BSCBR-Children of the Grave
  30. The Bug-Satan ft Nazamba
  31. Rey Sapienz & The Congo Techno Ensemble-Eza Makambo
  32. Jordan Reyes-The Tide
  33. Fatboi Sharif & LoneSword-Monster Theme (Ft. L.I.F.E. Long)

Goes without saying, but please buy at least 15 of these records. Happy Halloween.

oh yeah, I wrote about Kid Congo Powers for the Washington Post.

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