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A Bandcamp Friday Playlist and a Poem for the Drummer of Leatherface

A Bandcamp Friday Playlist and a Poem for the Drummer of Leatherface

Hey! Here's a Bandcamp Friday Mix! (tracklist below) https://bndcmpr.co/f58aebfb

And here's a poem I wrote for the drummer of Leatherface. I have no idea if it's any good. I'm not fishing. It might, in fact, be bad. Your guess is as good as mine.

Dickie Hammond and Andrew Laing On The Moon

Books about UFOs, whodunnits; the rope, the pipe, the candlestick.

The Butler, the outer space butler does it.

Sound in space astronauts

on clouds, one through eight.

Where have all the rude boys gone? Well, some of them are here.

Doing what the living do, but dead.

Gravity dis-respecters as gravitational specters,

Apple disgorgers, pomegranate seeders, never leavers—

Heavenly seething, cherubic d-beaters, leaning into the ride,

leaving the hi-hat unclenched.

It’s a rush of metallic shushing, like wind through raked leaves;

A terrible twigging, circling the drain of a tornado.

Angels playing chromatic guitars, smashing their instruments,

mean mugging to hidden cameras; a constellation of self taught (mad) scientists,

living rent free on the head of a pin, recording and falling,

wrestling with some sweaty and bewildered prophet…

You know; angels doing angel shit.

Now, the drummer.

Compared to angels and vampires, who doesn’t die young?

If there’s anything too pure for this world, here’s the proof.

Reading books about UFOs, Grant Hart never got his encore.

Instead, he graduated to a bigger stage.

The mystery solved, but who wouldn’t kill for another page?

In heaven when you smile. In heaven when you don’t.

Frankie Stubbs rhymes “moon” with “honeymoon,”

Confirming, once and for all, the imagist divinity of hubris.

“You can’t drink flowers but flowers can drink”

Hell, like other people, does not exist.

Thanks for reading! And here's that playlist! I copy and pasted it and somehow got all this album art! Fun!


Faten Kanaan

Macca The Mutt (feat. Nick Cave)

Party Dozen

House Of Jackpots

Rocket 808

Hands Down


Love's Too Long (for Pike County)

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Power Pop Mixtape


Dark Black



Total Punk Records


Moussa Tchingou


Drew McDowall

Pontius Pilate’s Home Movies

The New Pornographers

La Muerte del Amor

AYA Records

Chicken Head


UNTRAPPINGS (with Dreamcrusher)*


Effected Signaller ft Yao Bobby

Drowned By Locals

Lalalar - Hata Benim Göbek Adim

Les Disques Bongo Joe

Point Me to the Wizard

Nosaj from New Kingdom


African Head Charge

6 In The Morning

Nuha Ruby Ra

Weird Road pt. II



Drunken Sailor Records

Psychic Dance Routine

Flatspot Records

-043- COLLAPS "Bully The Bully"

Mendeku Diskak

Kokaine Kommando

Truth Cult



No Control

Quality Control HQ

Bohacks, Wetsons, Tung-Bo & Me

Sheer Terror

Little White God


Death's Head Eyed Hawkmoth



Brontez Purnell

Parasocial Wreckage

Beat Panic

Catch 22

Mourning [A] BLKstar

Gospel Dirt


Uncertain as Light feat. Something Something Brax

Rhys Langston

You Are Right To Be Afraid (2023 Remaster)

Beauty Pill

Great Innings

ever/never records

My Love is a Bat

the Hex Dispensers

Islands in the Sky

Death Valley Girls

No Blues No Jazz (Dan Friel remix)


In the Breeze

Timothy Ivan

Bernie Sanders


Levitate the Pentagon

Publicist UK