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14 Haikus About New York City Hardcore

14 Haikus About New York City Hardcore

I wrote fourteen haikus about NYHC.

  1. Supertouch

More than just tracksuits

The heart’s a tricky engine

Light is elusive

2.  Sheer Terror

Skinheads love to laugh

It’s been a wonderful year

Celtic Frost riffs, tears

3.  Sheer Terror 2

Ghosts on both shoulders

Voice of some kind of angel

Give thanks for nothing

4.  Warzone

Struggle and the streets

You can forget both, and still

Death remembers you

5.  Gorilla Biscuits

Breath comes in stage dives

Walter moves on, Civ remains

Hardcore lives in dreams

6.  Cro-Mags

“Harley Flanagan”

Said three times in the mirror

Time itself is hard

7.  NYHC 1

Everyone who’s born

Eventually gets slapped

By Sick of It All

8.  NYHC 2


Versus Corona groove metal

Suckers drop like rain

9.  Agnostic Front

Sean Taggart devil

Boots, braces, tight jeans, and horns

You can buy the doll

10.  Indecision

Sincerity’s curse

For those I love, quote tattoos

Vote or die, hardcore

11.  Nausea

Bassist so pretty

Needs three first names. Cybergod?

More like Cyberhot

12.  NYHC 3

As wild things grow old

Wicked City Soundtrack calls

Like a cut-out bin

13.  Leeway

Hope makes its own mark

Crossover only pays out

In California

14.  Biohazard

All I wish for is

an oral history of

Punishment’s bridge scene

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